How much does it cost to register

if you want to realize your dream of getting rich through independent business on the road, then you will be difficult to avoid to drink the registered company to deal with, if it is a very strange person in this industry, certainly do not know what specific need, how much money, one of the most comprehensive analysis to bring you here Xiao bian.

1, trade and Industry Bureau of industry and Commerce name approval, 40 yuan; 2, the company office rent for 6 months, $6000;

3, rental contract printing costs 5 yuan, real estate license copy of the 5 pieces of $2.5; 4, rental stamp duty of $12;


5, download the articles of association of the company Internet fee 2 yuan, the company’s articles of Association printing fee 15 yuan; 6, engraved corporate signet 20 yuan;

7, the accounting firm’s bank inquiry letter 10 yuan; 8, the bank opened the company to verify capital account opening fee of $20;

9, certified public accountants to apply for capital verification report 500 yuan; 10, the trade and Industry Bureau registered company fee of $300, information card 120 yuan;

11, the official seal of 120 yuan, the financial chapter of 1 yuan; 12, the Technical Supervision Bureau for the organization code certificate of $148;


13, the bank to open the company’s basic account opening account fee 20 yuan, password device of $280; 14, the national tax registration certificate of $60, local tax registration certificate of 60 yuan;

15, part-time accounting salary, 200 yuan; 16, apply for the purchase invoice, $500;

if not rent, accounting wages, invoice, total 1802.5 yuan.

The registered capital of