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Webmaster what does a good website need to do

in today’s society, the network is becoming more and more popular, more and more Internet users, in daily study and work, provide comprehensive services, the website of every hue be arranged in our life, our relationship with the network is becoming more and more closely. However, in the face of a huge and rich network world, how to make their website more prominent, better loved by the majority of users, has become the site planning, website promotion concerns. Here, according to years of market research and practice, summed up a good site, we should pay attention to the following points: (for reference only) read more

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Then put on record skills record status for the audit or not to record, how to do

An article "

I in March 18th A5 published some important experience for fast website to help you quickly get the majority of owners recognized by audit", also received record consulting many webmaster, in the process of accepting the webmaster consultation, I found several universal problems, take this opportunity to solve these problems and provide some methods to solve some analysis and.

since the publication of the article, my QQ is busy, basically all the friends from the A5 advisory, but the question is basically these read more

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Teach you how to destroy your blog in a flash

when you see how to teach yourself how to destroy your blog in a flash, you might be surprised at why Clarky is crazy and doesn’t want to write any more blogs,


first of all, please rest assured that Clarky is OK, just a little bit stimulated yesterday. But today, I’m going to tell you how to destroy your blog in a flash.

according to the personal experience, I summed up the five strokes, strongly recommend five blog killer, each of which is enough to move in a moment to destroy your blog, My friends, Be Careful read more

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My experience and lessons make money on the website, do not always count on others

operating website more than half a year, the overall feeling is: make a website to make money, do not count on others.

, what I’m talking about is someone else, that’s all kinds of so-called alliances.


1 site just missed GGAD and just started ignoring it. Just a few clicks (just a few times to see if it would show hits), and when arrived 4 months later, it was K. I do not regret it, because the feedback from other users, even the start did not go, the same is the possibility of K, who knows who will go to my website malicious advertising it? Who knows what GG want read more

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The supermarket opened may extend sellers delivery service

is now the rural consumption demand is growing, the number of township supermarket are constantly increasing, resulting in mutual competition is very intense, if not to be able to develop some services, but can not win in the competition. This small advice, if the supermarket opened in the township, may wish to extend some sellers delivery service, which will have a bigger boost to the development of the supermarket business.

from the supermarket opened up, I began to deliver goods to the countryside, township residents purchasing power, which won a lot of money income for my supermarket. Every day my wife keeps a shop in the supermarket, I drive to the countryside, a long time, I and the villagers are familiar with. So, there are villagers asked me to help bring the online shopping parcels back, because the courier basically sent to the county seat, do not go to the countryside to send, and the villagers are busy farm work, a trip to the county is not easy. My finger, it brings convenience to them, the villagers were very grateful to me. read more

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Lanzhou Xigu District four actions to promote the development of urban and rural employment

Lanzhou is located in the western region of China, has been actively developing the economy, and constantly looking for new opportunities for transformation. Double activities will bring a rare opportunity for a new generation of entrepreneurs.

Home pioneer four street community company Ms. Liu in the community to carry out the "employment assistance way" activities, a Real Estate Company was recruited as a typist, has an income of 2700 yuan per month, the day is finally have something to look forward to. Poor women such as Liu, last year a total of 878 Xigu District Employment people. According to statistics, last year, the town of 14691 new jobs in the city, including the placement of difficult personnel of 878 people. read more

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Swimming mirror China’s top ten brands list

is for professional training or their amateur or a hobby, anyway, swimming in the current market is by more and more people’s favorite, because of this, the market will have a current mirror swimming so many brands. Here, Xiaobian to introduce a downstream Chinese ten brand goggles list, and thus bring more reference for the selection of people.

is a kind of mirror swimming equipment in swimming, when fastened to the eye, and can see things in the water to prevent the pool water by so many swimming enthusiasts swimming essential items, but also to bring a lot of fun swimming. read more

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How much does it cost to open a barbecue shop

barbecue stores are many entrepreneurs want to do business, follow the development of the barbecue industry, more and more projects, there are also very competitive, since it is a profitable project, naturally there are a lot of people to choose, then open a barbecue franchise fee is about how much? Let us know the following.

read more

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What should be done to open shop selling baby

a lot of business entity shop entrepreneurs should have this experience, the money stock finished, the transaction completed, there is no relationship between what, then, is to open the shop? Open shop not a deal is a circulatory system engineering, some sellers often think that Everything will be fine. sent out parcel post, in fact, this is only the beginning of the next job. What should we do when the package is sent out?

1, enter the waybill number

is the input waybill number, of course, you can also import before shipment. As long as you can ensure that the goods can be shipped today, it is also possible to enter in advance. read more

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How to eat your breakfast

knows it’s important to eat breakfast, so early in the morning to see the street walking, eating the dumplings are not in the minority, but this really sloppy? In fact, eating breakfast should be a very particular thing. What to eat the stomach for breakfast? Which is clean stomach nourishing the stomach yin especially those, people suffering from stomach, must have the breakfast, you can eat some nourishing food. The breakfast what most Yangwei


how do you eat your breakfast?

1, breakfast with reasonable read more

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Massage three points against the hot weather

for a period of time before the high temperature with autumn season, the temperature slightly eased, many people are delighted. However, at high temperature after the beginning of autumn, but once again came. After the beginning of autumn often there will be short-term to hot weather, heat intolerable, damp heat of summer, people often referred to as the "autumn tiger mountain. This is usually the time of Mofu, experts said, the Mofu, at home doing massage body-building safe surrender qiulao Hu. read more

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nvestment in food and beverage industry needs to do some preparation

catering industry has been a very popular industry in recent years, with the rapid development of economy, more and more people are engaged in the catering industry, although the catering industry is hot, but not the blindness Investment in the catering industry, for entrepreneurs more need for an initial preparatory work.

entrepreneurs to invest in a restaurant currently relevant for the project to do, so will your restaurant everything in good order and well arranged in the market development, but also can prevent accidents occur. Thus, before the start of the preparation is conducive to the development of an industry. Of course, for the catering industry entrepreneurs, this problem is also very critical. The following questions can be made for the following analysis. read more

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Take a good name still need to face what problem

we all know, whether it is a physical store or shop, if you want to successfully open a shop, take a good name is undoubtedly very important first step. However, success can not only get a good shop name can be done, but also need to face more problems, so as to ensure that the cause of the more rapid development.

shop at the beginning, the name taken by a controversy, are considered to be the "heart", a word feel wrong. For a long time, because we want to sell the store to sell the home service, and finally decided to take the intimate home costumes". Next is the quality of goods price, the quality is considered first, and then the small profits and quick turnover, there is a loss of two or three limited, limited products to attract guests…… But the flow of new stores, you know. read more

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Le cool ice cream advantage taly Merchants

This small

ice cream brand market prospect is limitless, rich business opportunities and investment advantages of , let your heart. Then the cool music Italy ice cream what is worth investors to join the market opportunities? What are the advantages? See the following details:

Le Ke Italy ice cream market opportunities:

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Cecil sweet romantic feelings only one mouthful, my thoughts would tao……

the appearance of art, silky silky taste, sweet and charming taste, relaxed and comfortable feeling, an ice cream, carrying a lot of good feelings. In social situations, ice cream is elegance and taste symbols, creating a relaxed atmosphere; sweet time, ice cream is the expression of love keepsake, sweet taste like love eyes, romantic vent; lonely bored, bored distraction and ice cream is medicine, soothing companion, when it slowly melt in the mouth and you will feel alone to enjoy the meet. read more

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Small services tend to be more sought after by customers


is not what big move, does not require owners to spend much of the effort and money, but because the real is to allow customers to feel convenient, for the business development of natural stores will be very favorable. So, in the face of fierce competition in the industry, if you want to make the business of the store to get better development, may wish to provide some small services.

"Oh, Iverson ah, this can be done, I’m worried to death." Zhao sister saw me, then I can scarcely wait to grumble. read more

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