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Moroccos Sofiane Boufal Wins MarcVivien Foé RFIFrance 24 Award

Rabat – Moroccan international footballer Sofiane Boufal was awarded the Marc-Vivien Foé RFI/France 24 Award on Friday as the best African footballer playing in Ligue 1 for the 2015-2016 season.Last May, Boufal was nominated to receive the award’s trophy in Paris but, at that time, he could not accept due to a knee injury. He was then traded to the English club of Southampton.Speaking to France 24, the offensive midfielder, said, “It is with great pride that I receive this trophy, especially as the prize list before me is well supplied with great players,” Boufal said. “This trophy is significant because it is my first big trophy – it will have a special place with me.” Boufal beat out Senegalese Sheik Ndoye and the Algerian Rachid Ghazzal by achieving a successful year and a half with France’s Lille, during which he scored 11 goals.Boufal is the third Moroccan player to be awarded this prize, following in the footsteps of Marouane Chamakh in 2009 and Younès Belhanda in 2012.Boufal also expressed his readiness for the upcoming Moroccan national team’s participation in the 2017 African Cup of Nations (CAN), scheduled to take place this January in Gabon.“I am looking forward to it because it will be my first African Cup. My ambition is to win the CAN,” Boufal said. read more

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Quake spotlights room for Turkey to improve building practices – UN official

The Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Disaster Risk Reduction Margareta Wahlström said there was still room for improvement in Turkey’s building practices, but praised its progress, saying: “Turkey’s seismic code provides the basis for safer structures and better urban planning.“The country has made progress in Istanbul and elsewhere in retrofitting and rebuilding public buildings, schools and hospitals to the required standard. There has been vigorous prosecution of corrupt municipal officials for allowing unlicensed construction,” she said.But she noted that new buildings that follow safety standards are not the only way to minimize disaster damages, pointing to the importance of preventive measures in areas with old and poor quality buildings.“Despite any rebuilding or retrofitting and enforcement of standards for new construction, it is clear that in most earthquake zones there are large existing stocks of poor-quality buildings so preparedness measures are essential.”Ms. Wahlström also commended the Turkish Government’s quick response to yesterday’s quake, saying it has been “fast and efficient with the dispatch of over 1,500 search, rescue and health personnel to the affected areas with impressive logistical support.”At least 70 people reportedly died when athe7.2-magnitude quake shattered more than 1,000 buildings near the city of Van, while an unknown number remain trapped under rubble.The President of the General Assembly, Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser, expressed his sadness and sent his deep sympathies to the Government and people of Turkey for their loss. He commended the country’s authorities and the various rescue groups for their rapid response and diligent assistance.He also stressed the need for all Member States to do more to improving disaster preparedness and response, saying the issue that is one of the key focus areas for the current 66th session of the Assembly. 24 October 2011The deadly earthquake that has struck Turkey’s southeast highlights the importance of providing incentives for the construction of safe buildings and establishing preventive and response measures in the world’s most dangerous quake zones, a senior United Nations official said today. read more

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Deep concerns raised over recent attempts to silence dissent

Minister Rajapakshehas since been reported reiterating his comments in an interview to a newspaper, claiming that “NGO funded traitors” are fermenting unrest in the country. He also claimed that the NGOs misled the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Independence of Judges and Lawyers, who, in her latest report, highlighted some serious shortcomings in Sri Lanka’s justice system. The statement notes that the Minister’s rhetoric, troublingly reminiscent of the rhetoric of the previous regime, is indicative of the continued legacy in Sri Lanka of Governments attacking those speaking inconvenient truths.“Indeed, this also echoes in the recent decision of President Sirisena to sack Sajeeva Samaranayake as Deputy Chairman of the National Child Protection Authority (NCPA), and the NCPA’s decision to interdict its own Attorney, Preethika Sakalasooriya. It is widely reported that Mr. Samaranayake’s affidavit, which was attested by Ms. Sakalasooriya, to an Australian court listing shortcomings in the country’s child protection system, was what prompted action against them,” the statement added. Signatories;Individuals The signatories to the statement called on the President and the Prime Minister to:Formally distance the government from the threats made by Minister Rajapaksheand publicly reaffirm respect for human rights activists and NGOs;Cease actions against conscientious public officials who do not hesitate to point out shortcomings in the working of state agencies, and instead, encourage them to do so, and take their concerns seriously;Create an environment both within government and in society at large that is conducive to expressions of human rights concerns, dissent and criticism.They also called on individuals and organisations committed to democratic freedoms and human rights, to seriously re-consider the terms of engagement with the present government. The outcomes of the processes of public consultation and engagement with civil society with respect to constitutional reform and transitional justice have been ignored or instrumentalised in forums like the UN Human Rights Council.In the meantime, the democratic space and freedoms that this Government promised to protect are facing serious threats as a result of its own actions or inaction. With the space for principled engagement with the Government continuing to narrow, those who signed the statement said they are bound by their principles to challenge and question the Government. (Colombo Gazette) A group of individuals and organisations committed to human rights and democratic freedoms, and the rights of freedom of expression and dissent, have expressed deep concerns over recent attempts to stifle voices of human rights activists and silence dissent.A statement signed by nearly 100 individuals and organisations noted that on 17th June, Minister for Justice and Buddha Sasana, Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe, publicly threatened to remove Lakshan Dias, Attorney-at-Law, and a well-known human rights activist, from the legal profession, in response to Mr. Dias raising the issues of attacks on Christian places of worship since 2015. The Minister prefaced this by virtually condemning human rights NGOs in general. He said, “In our country there are organisations who claim to be protecting human rights, who are dependent on NGO funds, who are trying to destroy the peace between the peoples of our country and turn this country back into a heap of fire; there are a few individuals like that.” Ceylon Industrial Workers’ UnionCitizens for a Secure Sri LankaEnvironmental Conservation TrustEQUAL GROUNDFloating Space Theatre Co.Future in Our Hands – BadullaINFORM Human Rights Documentation CentreInstitute for Social Development (ISD)Lanka Farmer ForumMannar Women’s Development Federation (MWDF)Movement for Land and Agriculture ReformsNational Fisheries Solidarity Movement (NAFSO)People to People Dialogue on Peace and Sustainable Development.People’s Alliance for Right to Land (PARL)Plantation Community Development CentrePrajaAbilasha Land Rights NetworkProgressive Farmer CongressPuttlam District Fisheries Solidarity OrganizationRural Workers OrganizationSavistri Women’s MovementSri Lanka Nature GroupSri Vimukthi Fisher Women OrganizationUnited Federation of LabourUwaWellassa Women OrganizationWomen’s Action Network (WAN) Ainslie JosephAnurathaRajarathnamAsmaEdrisBalachandran GowthamanBhavaniFonsekaBishop Kumara IllangasingheChintakaRajapakseB.S.Jeyaraj – JournalistDeanne UyangodaDinushikaDissanayale – Attorney-at-LawLionel WeerakoonMaureen ErnestEmil van der PoortenErmizaTegal- Attorney-at-LawFarzanaHaniffaGaminiAkmeemanaGehanGunatilleke – Attorney-at-LawGodfrey Yogarajah – Deputy Secretary General,World Evangelical AllianceHerman KumaraIan FerdinandsJake OorloffJayadevaUyangodaJayantha DhanapalaJayanthiKuru-UtumpalaAingkaran – Attorney-at-LawLinus JayatilakeLucille AbeykoonK. JayatissaMahinda GunarathneMala LiyanageMarisa de SilvaMirak RaheemMujeebur Rahman P.M.Najah MohamedNeil Priyantha FernandoNigel NugawelaNilshanFonsekaSelvaratnamN. Singham – ActivistPadma PushpakanthiPeriyasamyMuthulingamPrabath KumaraPremaGamagePriyadarshanieAriyaratneJayantha SeneviratneRaja SenanayakeRenukaSampathFr. SarathIddamalgodaSr. Nichola EmmanuelSr. Noel Christine Fernando – SramabimaniKendrayaRizaYehiyaRohiniWeerasingheRuhaniePereraRuki FernandoC.C.ElankovanSajeewaChamikaraSampathPushpakumaraSampathSamarakoonSandunThudugalaSarah Arumugam – Attorney-at-LawSarala EmmanuelShamilaRathnasooriyaSheila RichardsShenali de SilvaShivanthaRathnayakeShreen Abdul SaroorSubhaWijesiriwardenaSunandaDeshapriyaTehaniAriyaratneThilakKariyawasamUdayaKalupathiranaVisakhaTillekeratneOrganizations “It is as much a matter of great concern as it is revealing, that a senior cabinet minister presiding over the Ministry of Justice in the so-called Yahapalanaya government, resorts to vilifying, demonizing and threatening human rights activists and human rights NGOs. While hardly the first such instance, it is especially ironic that his comments come as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has launched a consultation process with human rights activists and NGOs on its draft report to the UN Human Rights Council as part of its Universal Period Review (UPR). Human rights activists and NGOs have been issued an open invitation to participate in the meetings as part of this UPR process. Under the circumstances the question arises to whether and how we can expect a principled engagement given the failure of the government to officially distance itself from Minister Rajapakshe’s disturbing comments,” the statement said. According to newspaper reports, the President has ordered an investigation into“how and why the affidavit was issued, whether such actions had been done before, and whether NCPA officials had received any ‘benefits’ from non-governmental organizations (NGOs) for engaging in such activities.”These are but the most recent in a series of incidents that point to a disturbing tendency of shrinking space for critique within and outside government, and signs of intolerance for expressions of dissent. It was not long ago that that the President himself called on Field Marshall Fonseka to discipline the country and restore order in the face of strikes.“But this has already been the practice. Beginning with the brutal police attack on Higher National Diploma in Accountancy students in October 2015, there have been many instances of police attacking peaceful protests by students. The brutal attack on the student protest over SAITM last week, and the subsequent arrests, is only the latest manifestation of the repressive face of the Yahapalanaya state. Protesting workers have also been targeted, with the Navy being deployed to suppress protesting port workers in Hambantota in December 2016 while contract workers from the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) were arrested for a peaceful protest in January 2017,” the statement added. Human rights activists in the North and East continue to remain under surveillance and subject to restraints and threats. The blocking of a remembrance event in Mullivaikal on May 18, and police harassment of the organizers and activists involved, also underlines disturbing continuities of policies from the previous regime.  These concerns are further amplified by certain significant legal reforms and measures proposed recently, especially the new counter terrorism law, the media standards council bill, and the recently withdrawn amendment to the code of criminal procedure, all of which encroach in different ways upon fundamental rights and freedoms. read more

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Thousands of Congolese refugees continue to flood into Burundi UN says

As of last week, there were some 3,000 Congolese who had recently fled to Burundi, according to the agency. Most of the new refugees are occupying 25 hangars at the Rugomobo transit camp, managed by UNHCR’s German partner, GTZ, while centres in Gatumba and Cibitoke each house about 1,500. A second transit centre on a 10-hectare site in Cibitoke could host more than 20,000 people when preparations are completed, UNHCR spokesperson Jennifer Pagonis told the press in Geneva today. Ethnic Bafulero and Babembe have been running out of DRC, mainly empty-handed, because of a fear of attacks by militias comprising Banyamulenge, or Congolese Tutsi, fighters or because they have been trying to avoid the fighting between the Banyamulenge and Government forces. Some Banyamulenge have been fleeing Uvira province fearing that they could face revenge attacks similar to those that occurred around Bukavu, south of Uvira, after Tutsi insurgents started fighting in late May and briefly seized Bukavu on 2 June, UNHCR said. Due to the flood of refugees, the agency might begin to move some people to Songore camp in northern Ngozi Province and Basorwe in northern Muyinga Province this weekend, Ms. Pagonis reported. read more

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Transport News Brief for wk 49

Hybrid-drive refuse truck from Oshkosh Oshkosh Truck Corp presented its ProPulse hybrid drive technology in a refuse vehicle recently at the 2006 Hybrid Truck Users Forum in San Diego, California. The firm says its hybrid drive system helps deliver better fuel economy with lower gas, particulate and noise emissions and better life cycle costs.More from www.trailer-bodybuilders.com More big names at CV Show and ATS Crystal Communications, sales and marketing agents for the CV Show and ATS say that Unipart has booked a 110m2 stand in the Automotive Trade Show. At the same time, lighting and electronics firm Hella has booked a 210m2 stand in Hall 2 at the CV Show. ‘We’re particularly pleased to see Hella back at the show, said David Crawford, sales manger for the CV Show and ATS. ‘These bookings all help to reinforce the stature of what is now clearly the biggest trade show of its type in Europe.’More from David Crouch on +44 (0)1 737 367 307 or david.crouch@tgb.toyota.co.uk Hybrid power system from Eaton Eaton Corporation says it has been awarded several United States patents for its Hybrid Electric Power System. This will be commercially available in 2007. The patents relate to controls and systems related for commercial vehicle use and include Eaton’s ePTO power take-off.More from www.trailer-bodybuilders.com CoolKit celebrates CoolKit says it has won orders worth more than £750,000 for its flat pack fridge vehicle conversion kits in its first year of business. ‘We sell either to distributors who serve as installers or direct to van operators,’ said Rupert Gatty, managing director. The says that because kits are precision cut they are easy to fit – typically taking less than a day to install in a small van. Lightweight materials also mean better payloads. Our customers include franchised and independent commercial vehicle dealers, fleet operators, management companies, coachbuilders and refrigeration engineers.’ Gatty says the firm is also on the list of approved and recognised converters for Renault UK Ltd and Citroen UK Ltd and is talking to other manufacturers too.More from Rupert Gatty on +44 (0)7 918 174 019 or rupert@coolkit.org And finally…. New Scientist’s Feedback page reports that reader Paul Spicker spotted a note in the window of the Careers Scotland office in Kirkwall, Orkney. It read: “Scared of computersDownload an application form.”More from www.newscientist.com Mercedes Sprinter wins Van of the Year award The new-generation Mercedes-Benz Sprinter won two top prizes in What Vanmagazine’s recent awards ceremony. The Sprinter took the Van of the Year title and the Large Panel Van of the Year award.More from Ian Norwell on +44 (0)1 908 245 949 or ian.norwell@daimlerchrysler.co.uk Volvo wins NZ bus deal Volvo says it just won an order for 20 Volvo B7RLE city buses for delivery to Auckland, New Zealand in May 2007. The customer, Infratil Public Transport, chose Volvo’s most recent engine technology to comfortable exceed present emission standards and meet those due in NZ in 2012 Volvo Buses’ plant in Borås, Sweden will make the bus chassis, while Designline in New Zealand will make the bodies. Previously, Volvo Bus mostly sold coaches in New Zealand.More from Adrian Wickens on +44 (0)1 926 414 518 or adrian.wickens@volvo.com Bus operators don’t want passengers Steve Norris, chairman of the Transport Group on the Conservative Party’s Quality of Life Commission says the way bus operators are funded in London means they prioritise running buses rather than carrying passengers. ‘The Oyster Card means one can allocate costs to journeys on the basis of use; we need to extend its principles and use. ‘Then every backside counts and we could save £250m,’ he said. ‘We also need 21st century technology to open up the capital’s bus service. Right now we have more or less 19th century way of telling passengers where a bus is going.’ He thinks a very small part of the bus service is practically accessible. ‘Very few people can work out where any but the buses they use regularly are going to, let alone what route they’ll take. Surely mobile and interactive communications could change that New training and careers magazine Fastforward is a new magazine that aims to help plug skills gap in UK logistics. To be launched by Roadway Publishing in April at the 2007 Commercial Vehicle Show, the magazine’s first four issues will be distributed free throughout the industry. The publishers hope this ‘pump-priming’ approach will create a demand for the 52-page magazine when it goes on sale at £1.00 a copy. The publishers are also looking for help to distribute 40,000 copies to schools, colleges, job centres, universities and the armed forces which they say will be the source of the vital ‘new blood’ the industry needs. Editor Richard Simpson says he’ll aim for a simple but engaging style to appeal to young people and professionals. A 36-page preview issue and media pack is available now.More from Heather Wallace on: +44 (0)1 932 841 515 or fastforward@rha.net Line-X wins ISO 9001 certification Barnstable based Line-X Protective Coatings Ltd says it has won ISO 9001 certification. The Spray-on lining company says it is proud to be among the 5% of UK businesses with this internationally recognised quality certification. ‘We’re very proud of the service we offer our dealers and customers and the way we conduct our business,’ said Lee Smith, managing director. ‘The Line-X range of products is one of the best in the world and now they are being supplied by one of the best companies in the UK.More from Lee Smith on +44 (0)1 271 344 000 or lee@line-x.co.uk 800th Ford Transit minibus Ford has given the 800th Transit minibus to The Lord’s Taverners in recognition of the work done by the charity in providing these vehicles for special needs organisations and schools.More from Brian Bennett on +44 (0)1 277 252 957 or bbennett@ford.com Transport News Brief Week 49, Monday 4 December 2006 £1m paint shop for WG WG Tankers says it has a new workshop and paint shop as part of a £1m development of its site at Foston, Leicestershire. The new workshop area is used for preparation of the vehicles before painting and a new shot-blasting service complements the two new paint booths and low-bake ovens.More from Ian Buxton on +44 (0)7 976 839 733 or ian@wgtanker.com More from www.newlondonarchitecture.org Multi-brand diagnosis kit. EBS, an independent air brake distributor just launched a multi-brand fault diagnosis kit. ‘This will identify stored and active faults within on-board microprocessors and will also recommend a cure,’ says the firm’s Darrin Lawson. ‘It will work with most for most models of trucks, buses & coaches ranging from Daf, Iveco, MAN/ERF, Mercedes, Renault, Scania and Volvo truck, bus and coach models.’ Lawson says the kit will tackle many Wabco, Knorr-Bremse and Haldex trailer braking systems too.More from Darrin Lawson on +44 (0)1 618 775 551 or darrin@europeanbrakingsystems.co.uk Fuel price escalator tradegy Steve Norris, chairman of the Transport Group on the Conservative Party’s Quality of Life Commission said he thought it a ‘tradegy’ that the UK government dropped its annual fuel price escalator as a way of tackling climate change ‘just when it was beginning to work.’ Norris was giving one of a series of talks called London’s Moving and run by New London Architecture on the theme of transport in London. In his talk ‘How London could move better if it tried’ he also said Transport for London was an enormous improvement, ‘because it works on a multimodal basis, looks across the whole spectrum of demand and tries to make sense of it.’ But he is very critical of the ‘live now, pay later’ approach of Public Private Partnership funding as a way of undoing the massive, Treasury-led under-investment in transport infrastructure of the last 50 years. ‘Sadly the Treasury sees transport as a cost, not an investment.’More from www.newlondonarchitecture.org SMMT best seller keeps on selling Sales and enquiries for the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders’ Towing and the Law have ballooned again in the last couple of weeks. ‘We’re offering to customise the booklet with company’s designs and logos on the covers and recently had one order for 3,000 copies on this basis,’ said Bob Davis, who is responsible for the interests of the SMMT’s Light Trailer and Trailer Equipment section. ‘We’ve other enquiries on the same lines from vehicle makers in the last few days as more and more firms take public and employee liabilities increasingly seriously and want their people and customers to know where they stand on the use of smaller trailers.’ The booklet clearly explains the often misunderstood law surrounding the use of light trailers, whether they are used commercially or privately. Single copies cost £5 each (or £3 to SMMT members) and have 37 pages of text and colour illustrations.More from Katie Tolhurst on +44 (0)2 073 441 663 or ktolhurst@smmt.co.uk Transport News BriefTransport News Brief goes to over 35,000 named subscribers each week. An average of two or more ‘pass on’ readers for each subscriber suggests there are over 100,000 readers. Edited by Robin Dickeson at the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, Halkin Street, London, SW1X 7DS, England, tel +44 (0)2 073 449 222, it is free to the commercial vehicle and road transport industry, SMMT members and journalists worldwide. Please e-mail Robin Dickeson on rdickeson@smmt.co.uk if you have news you would like us to see. If you would like copies sent to colleagues, please e-mail Natasha James on njames@smmt.co.uk. If you want your name taken off the list, please use the ‘Unsubscribe’ button at the end of the last page. For stand space sales and marketing for the 2007 Commercial Vehicle Show and Automotive Trade Show, from Tuesday 24 to Thursday 26 April, contact Crystal Communications on +44(0)1 634 261 262 or sales@cvshow.comClick to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) read more

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Metraco Zaglebie Lubin win Polish Cup

← Previous Story FANTASTIC LADIES: SG BBM Bietigheim – 26 matches – 52 points! Next Story → Frisch Auf Goppingen win EHF Cup for the fourth time! METRACO ZAGŁĘBIE LUBIN are Polish Cup winner. The Polish vice-champions beat KRAM START Elblag 29:26 for the fourth Cup trophy in their collection.The new champions are coming from Vistal Gdynia.METRACO ZAGŁĘBIE LUBIN – KRAM START ELBLĄG 29:26 (13:11)Lubin: Wąż, Maliczkiewicz – Bilik, Kurdzielewicz, Załęczna, Grzyb 3, Semeniuk 5, Trawczyńska 2, Buklarewicz 1, Wiertelak 1, Piechnik 2, Marić 5, Jochymek 2, Belmas 4, Malta, Milojević 4.Elbląg: Klarkowska, Powaga, Szywerska – Balsam 6, Hawryszko, Grobelska, Waga 5, Muchocka, Jędrzejczyk 1, Gerej 1, Lisewska 6, Stokłosa, Świerżewska 1, Andrzejewska 6, Szopińska. read more

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Holy Synod concerned about Macedonian liturgy and blasphemy

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram The Orthodox Church of Greece Holy Synod convened on 3 April. The meeting, chaired by Athens Archbishop Ieronymos, focused on ‘Macedophones’, who live in Greece and are members of the political organisation of a minority group that calls itself ‘Macedonians in Greece‘. The Synod decided to send a letter to the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew following a request by the group to celebrate the Divine Liturgy in the so-called ‘Macedonian’ language in an issue of Greece where there is still tension regarding the Prespes Agreement and recent decision to refer to Greece’s neighbour as North Macedonia.The Holy Synod also decided to intervene in discussions regarding the revision of the Greek Penal Code, specifically in relation to repealing articles 198, 199 and 201, which concern blasphemy, invective against religions, and insults against a dead person. The Synod found that revoking these articles would have negative repercussions on religious and social justice.The Holy Synod also benchmarked 200,000 euros to help 100 families affected by the fires in Attica ahead of the Easter holidays. The grants of 2,000 euros per family would help them get permits to help repair their homes in agreement with their local municipalities and other organisations.last_img read more

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Prime Minister Christie wants Bahamian culture institutionalized

first_img Bahamas to take 15-member delegation to CARICOM meeting set in Mo’Bay, Jamaica UN SG is Special Guest at Opening Ceremony for CARICOM Heads Meeting Wednesday Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp CARICOM Inter-Sessional Meeting discussions conclude on high note Related Items:bahamas junkanoo carnival, CARICOM, charles carter, cuba, Perry G. Christie Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppNassau, 18 Dec 2014 – “We have to do better and we have to do more” were the words of Prime Minister Christie as he talked cultural development during his tribute to cultural icon Charles Carter on Friday evening at a park renaming ceremony in Mr. Carter’s honour.The Prime Minister was making a broader point about the way The Bahamas has traditionally treated its cultural ambassadors, singling out renowned cultural luminaries in the names of Ronnie Butler and his former constituent, Joseph Spence. He also sounded off on the need to institutionalize both the recognition of local artists and to officially and formally facilitate the development of art and culture in The Bahamas.The Prime Minister went on to reiterated his government’s commitment to the development of the arts as was articulated in Cuba during his plenary session address to CARICOM member states on Monday, 8th December in Havana at the 5th CARICOM-Cuba Summit.“Last week in Cuba I articulated a commitment to the arts – to culture; I did in the presence of all of the leaders of the region there present. And I indicated to them that as of January (2015) I will become the chair and effective political leader of the CARICOM group of countries and in February we will be meeting here (in Nassau, Bahamas) and that I’m going to be able to stress and emphasize as I did in Cuba the great significance and importance of coming to understand the economic impact of culture (and) of sports.”He went further. In light of the proven economic impact of culture as evidenced in other CARICOM countries, the Prime Minister thought it fitting for The Bahamas government to institutionalize culture by making further significant investments in the arts at the collegiate level to allow young Bahamians greater access to facilities, formal education and professional training to assist them in realizing their full potential. This would be an adjunct to the government’s policy of institutionalizing the care, education and training of children and adults with special needs such as autism.“I told the President of Cuba then we were going to build our own center for special children in The Bahamas and I thought to myself we ought to also be able to say we are going to commit to building our own school for the arts, incorporated to the College of The Bahamas for people who will be interested in the theater – be interested in singing and dancing and being able to find and express themselves and their talent through some cultural involvement.”The Prime Minister declared 2014 as the year of culture and the government recognized forty Bahamians as “Culture Warriors” in a ceremony earlier this year. In a major policy decision, the government has created Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival that will debut in May 2015. This cultural event promises to strengthen the economic impact of culture while adding a more comprehensive cultural component to the current tourism product offerings thereby enhancing the visitor experience. Recommended for youlast_img read more

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House passes bill to continue Junior Stock Market incentives

first_img Related Items: Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppcenter_img KINGSTON, Jamaica, October 19th, 2016 – The House of Representatives, on Tuesday (October 18), passed the Income Tax (Amendment) Act, which seeks to continue the incentives provided under the Junior Stock Exchange. The benefits include a 10-year tax break, where no corporate tax is paid for the first five years and 50 per cent of the prevailing rate is paid in the next five years.  Companies also have access to capital as a result of preferential treatment from banks.In closing the debate, Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service, Hon. Fayval Williams, said data has conclusively shown that the tax incentives have encouraged the growth of the junior market and created employment.  “The 29 companies listed on the junior market have raised over $5.73 billion. The market started with a capitalization of $521 million and it is now $96.2 billion. Over 1,000 new permanent jobs have been created at these companies, and that does not count the indirect jobs that were created,” she noted.In addition, she said, some $4 billion in dividends were distributed and the number of strongly capitalized companies with robust taxpaying capabilities has increased.  Opposition Spokesperson on Finance, Dr. Peter Phillips, while welcoming the legislation, raised concern that companies were using the junior stock market as a means of avoiding taxes.  “What we are seeing is that… long-established and mature companies, some of them as old as 25 years old, have been made eligible to participate. These companies have, in some instances, spun off subsidiaries connected to these venerable parents in order to secure tax relief rather than because of any pressing need for new equity expansion,” he said.  “What we need to do with both the senior and junior exchanges is to design a mechanism that provides an incentive to the people who want to invest and become participants in the adventure of economic growth,” he argued.In her response, Mrs. Williams said that strong penalties have been attached to the tax incentive scheme.  “The companies must stay listed, as any taxes foregone would be clawed back; and even after the incentive period ends, the company has to stay listed for at least five years, so they cannot leave after the incentive period without penalties,” she pointed out.Mrs. Williams said the observation that the majority of companies have sought to raise minimum capital does not necessarily suggest tax avoidance.  “Consider that maybe it is not tax avoidance that causes companies to seek to raise minimum capital, but their assessment is that when they list on the stock market, chances are, the price for the equity at that point in time will be the lowest price that they will see.  And so you seek to minimize the percentage that you put on the market,” she argued.The Junior Stock Exchange was launched on April 1, 2009 to encourage and promote investment in Jamaica’s entrepreneurship, employment and economic development.  It allows investors to put capital into legitimate small and medium-size enterprises, whose shares trade on a special Jamaica Stock Exchange platform.last_img read more

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PM Minnis at the 2017 Hero World Challenge Golf Tournament

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp#Bahamas, December 5, 2017 – Nassau – Prime Minister Minnis took part in trophy presentation to the winner of the 2017 Hero World Challenge Golf Tournament, Rickie Fowler, at the Golf Course, Albany Bahamas on Sunday.  Tiger Woods, Founder, and Pawan Munjal, Chairman, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Hero Motocorp also participated in the presentation .  (Photos/Yontalay S. Bowe, OPM Media Services) Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Related Items:last_img read more

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Division Of Forestry Certifies 23 New Wildland Firefighters

first_imgFacebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享The Kenai/Kodiak area Division of Forestry office held a Red Card class, in Soldotna over the weekend. The Firefighter 2 certification allows the 23 individuals to work as a wildland firefighter on a Type 2 hand crew, which are seasonal help for the Division of Forestry. Type 2 firefighters typically work on the initial attack of a forest fire. The class concluded with a field day and pack test on Sunday, May 6. A total of 23 people attended the class and received Red Card qualifications that certify them as a Firefighter 2. The Division of Forestry provides fire protection services and related fire and aviation management activities on 150 million acres of land throughout Alaska. The Division offers basic wildland firefighter classes at area offices around the state each spring to recruit firefighters for crews to work during the summer wildland fire season.last_img read more

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Cher Joins Cast Of Mama Mia Sequel

first_img Email NETWORK ERRORCannot Contact ServerRELOAD YOUR SCREEN OR TRY SELECTING A DIFFERENT VIDEO May 13, 2015 – 1:30 pm Stevie Wonder Wins Album Of The Year Cher Heads To ‘Mama Mia’ Sequel cher-joins-cast-mama-mia-sequel With a script written by Ol Parker with Catherine Johnson and Richard Curtis, the GRAMMY winner will return to the big screen for the reprise of the popular Abba musical in a role that’s still being kept under wraps, though she tweeted a few hints about her character. Twitter Cher joins co-stars Meryl Streep, Julie Walters, Christine Baranski, Amanda Seyfried, Dominic Cooper, Pierce Brosnan, Stellan Skarsgard and Colin Firth, who all appeared in the first film version of the musical.This marks the first time Cher will appear on screen since her 2010 stint in Burlesque alongside Christina Aguilera.Elton John Plans Final Las Vegas Residency Showscenter_img Cher Joins Cast Of ‘Mama Mia’ Sequel Facebook News GRAMMY winner returns to the big screen with a role in the sequel to the popular Abba musicalRenée FabianGRAMMYs Oct 17, 2017 – 11:28 am My, my, Cher is joining the cast of the Mama Mia! sequel, Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again.last_img read more

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Jennifer Lopez To Receive VMA Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award

first_img Jennifer Lopez To Receive VMA Vanguard Award jennifer-lopez-receive-vma-michael-jackson-video-vanguard-award Jennifer Lopez To Receive VMA Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award Facebook News Twitter Email The GRAMMY-nominated singer/songwriter set to take home the yearly honor for her outstanding work in the music industryRenée FabianGRAMMYs Jul 31, 2018 – 3:46 pm Each year, MTV’s Music Video Awards recognizes one especially pioneering artist for their musical accomplishments with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award. This year, that honoree is Jennifer Lopez.In addition to a string of hits and an extensive filmography, JLo has earned two career Latin GRAMMY nominations and two GRAMMY nominations, including for Best Dance Recording for her hit “Let’s Get Loud” at the 43rd GRAMMY Awards. The New York native most recently released the diamond-crusted track “Dinero” with DJ Khaled and Cardi B, which has been nominated for two VMAs this year.The Video Vanguard Award has been given every year since the VMAs’ inaugural awards presentation in 1984 when the award was shared by David Bowie, the Beatles and Richard Lester. Other past recipients include Janet Jackson, Madonna, Tom Petty, Britney Spears, LL Cool J, Rihanna, and most recently, Pink.Lopez’s appearance on the show will include an acceptance speech and performance — her first since 2001 — when the VMAs go live from Radio City Music Hall in New York Aug. 20.Catching Up On Music News Powered By The Recording Academy Just Got Easier. Have A Google Home Device? “Talk To GRAMMYs”Read morelast_img read more

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Madrasas a place of prayer and peace for Rohingya kids

first_imgIn this photograph taken on 12 August, Saleema Khanam (L), 8, studies inside a makeshift madrassa (Islamic seminary) with other boys in Kutupalong camp, in Ukhia near Cox`s Bazar. Photo: AFPInside a stifling bamboo shanty, eight-year-old Saleema Khanam throws a bright yellow shawl over her head and steps out into the enormous Bangladesh refugee camp tightly clutching her treasured Koran.She is the only girl in her local madrasa — or Islamic seminary — catering to Rohingya children driven from Buddhist-majority Myanmar by a wave of genocidal violence.Since formal schooling — which suggests a permanent presence — is not allowed in the camps, for many children the madrasas are the only places to learn.It is just a short distance from Saleema’s family’s shack to the school, one of thousands to spring up in the world’s largest refugee camp since a massive influx of Rohingya Muslims last year.She steps carefully through the crowded alleyways in Kutupalong with her blue-bound Koran held tight to her chest, removes her shoes and enters the dimly-lit classroom.Inside, more than a dozen young boys with white prayer caps rock back and forth, reciting passages from the Islamic holy book.She takes her position in the front, flanked by two brothers, and opens the book.”I come here to learn the Koran. My mother wants me and my brothers to learn, to become a better person,” the young student told AFP.The Rohingya are a deeply conservative Muslim minority from western Myanmar, where decades of state-sanctioned oppression and violent persecution has forced them out in droves.An army purge that began in August 2017 has forced more than 700,000 Rohingya over the border into Bangladesh — most of them children.New generationIslamic schools and houses of worship were torched in the crackdown by Myanmar troops and Buddhist gangs that UN fact-finders said amounted to crimes against humanity and genocide against the Rohingya.”By targeting our madrasas and mosques, they tried erase our culture and religion from Rakhine,” said Rohingya activist Rafique bin Habib, referring to Myanmar’s westernmost state where the minority dwelled.”But many of our top madrassa teachers survived and fled to Bangladesh, where they have set up schools in the camps so that our new generation can be deeply rooted in our culture and religion.”Bangladesh, which hosts one million of the displaced Muslims in camps near the border, is determined the Rohingya will be returned to Myanmar.Some of the madrasas are attached to prominent mosques and large enough for 400 students.Others, like Saleema’s, cannot fit many more than a dozen children.Classes are taught not just in the Rohingya language but also in Bengali, Arabic, Urdu and English.”These madrasas play an essential role in the survival of the Rohingya language,” said bin Habib.As the call to prayer sounds across the camps, the boys in Saleema’s class file out to the local mosque to perform their ablutions before the Friday sermon.Saleema, the lone girl, stays behind.She finds a quiet spot at the back of the classroom, faces Mecca and, holding her palms to the sky, places her forehead to the ground in solemn prayer, alone.last_img

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Tonight AFROs First Edition with Sean Yoes Monday February 29

first_imgListen at WEAA Live Stream: http://amber.streamguys.com.4020/live.m3uWhen you believed the race for the GOP presidential nomination couldn’t get any uglier, Donald Trump’s connections with the Ku Klux Klan threatens the Republican Party with implosion. We’ll discuss the Trump, David Duke controversy with our political commentators Catalina Byrd and Sean Breeze. Plus, we’ll focus on legislation crafted by Sen. Joan Carter Conway to address the alleged law enforcement practice of, “rough rides,” which some speculate may have led to the death of Freddie Gray.These stories and more coming up this evening on AFRO’s First Edition with Sean Yoes.last_img read more

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This Sexy Radish Pillow Will Keep You Warm and Comfortable

first_imgLet us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Have you ever found a radish sexy? No, not even once? You may very well change your mind after you see this soft pillow. From Felissimo’s You+More brand (it’s supposed to sound like the word “humor”), you need to check out this new radish pillow that’s laying there in a sexy, seductive pose. It’s meant to cuddle with, because when you think about cuddling, that’s the first thing that comes to mind, right?The daikon radish is meant for you to get comfortable with at home, but it’s not a new concept. People take photos of radishes striking weird poses all the time, like crossing their “legs” or spreading out like some sort of voluptuous, veggie poser. They’re sultry and “sexy” if you like veggies, I suppose. So that’s where the idea came from, but would you actually order one? I don’t know. I kind of like it.AdChoices广告The Sexy Daikon Body Pillow comes in two sizes: the 26-inch version that’s a miniature representation of its larger cousin, and the much larger 115 cm version that you can spoon in bed, if you’re into that sort of thing. When you get home you can curl up on the couch with your radish partner and spend some time “vegging” out on the couch. Get it? Okay, I’ll stop.Interested in taking one of these babies home? You can snag one online via the official You+More site, with orders shipping out between April and June. There’s a bunch of unique things to buy at the same place, so if you like quirky accessories, this is the place to find some of them. Let us know if you purchase one and make sure to take some steamy pictures with you and your radish. Be careful, though. You may find that people can’t control themselves around lewd radishes.last_img read more

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JavaFX 11 to release soon announces the Gluon team

first_imgEarlier this week, the Gluon team announced that JavaFX 11 GA will be released in the second half of September, close to the release of Java 11. In the meantime, development has begun on JavaFX 12. JavaFX is the software platform that allows development of desktop Java apps. It comprises a single codebase which consists of code for a rich, interactive UI on many platforms. Users access information from multiple devices so having a single codebase makes it cost-effective. Single codebases are also easy to maintain and interact well with enterprise and cloud services. It was announced, back in March, that the framework JavaFX would be offered as a separate component and no longer will be a part of the Java SDK. Ever since then, JavaFX has been under development by the community as a stand-alone project called OpenJFX with multiple new developers joining in. As mentioned in the official Gluon blog post, the reason behind new developers contributing to JavaFX 11 is the fact that GitHub has made it easier for these developers to get started  as all they have to do now is “sign the contributor agreement, commit the code — pushed upstream to the official OpenJFX repository on the OpenJDK infrastructure”. JavaFX 11 is the first release under the umbrella of the OpenJFX open project. Johan Vos, Co-CTO of Gluon, is also co-lead of the OpenJFX project and one of the driving forces behind the advancement of JavaFX. A JavaFX 11 stabilization repository has been created. This will only be responsible for fixing the blocking issues. Gluon will be handling the release of JavaFX 11. In addition to that, the Gluon team has increased their investment in OpenJFX as they are constantly working on its code. Development on JavaFX 12 is currently ongoing and the Gluon community is keen on following the same core principles which are: release often, include the ready features. In case of a feature not ready for a particular release, it can be made available in the next release cycle, 6 months away. Keeping in mind that not all developers are interested in changing versions every six months, Gluon offers JavaFX Enterprise Support, where a Long Term Support version of JavaFX 11 is maintained. On subscribing to this payment mode, you will have access to builds s which have been backported to JavaFX 11. This is an attempt to make sure that the developers are always using  “the latest, feature-rich, stable, well-tested code in their projects They don’t have to wait years for a feature or bug fix to be in a released version. It also allows the OpenJFX developers to work on future versions, and to include new technologies and ideas into the JavaFX code” says the Gluon team. For more information, check out the official blog post. Read Next State of OpenJDK: Past, Present and Future with Oracle NVIDIA open sources its material definition language, MDL SDK Unit testing with Java frameworks: JUnit and TestNG [Tutorial]last_img read more

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Go back to the enewsletter Six Senses Qing Chen

first_imgGo back to the e-newsletter >Six Senses Qing Cheng Mountain has announced the upcoming visit of internationally renowned champagne expert Edouard Duval to take place on 7 and 8 November 2015.As the sixth generation from family-owned champagne house Duval-Leroy, Edouard has been involved in the wine business from an early age. Since its creation in 1859, Champagne Duval-Leroy has been located in the heart of La Cote des Blancs. Currently the house cultivates about 500 acres (200 hectares), much of which is devoted to production of high quality chardonnay grapes.The company is one of the few remaining 100 percent family-owned champagne businesses and is ranked in the 15 top champagne houses in the world.Six Senses Qing Cheng Mountain has created a getaway weekend where champagne lovers will be spoiled. The weekend includes:A bottle of champagne in each guest’s suite or villa upon arrival.Guests will then be invited to attend a private champagne tasting conducted by Edouard himself who has selected some of the best cuvées of the renowned house.Edouard and Executive Chef Conny Andersson will take guests into a private dining room and introduce a six-course signature menu paired with the finest wines.Guests will sample three different varieties of caviar.A champagne brunch on Sunday 8 November, served at Farm2Fork restaurant.A 60-minute signature Holistic Spa Treatment at Six Senses Spa.The exclusive weekend can be booked directly with the resort at the special rate of RMB 6,888, excluding 15 percent tax and service charge.Go back to the e-newsletter >last_img read more

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by The Associated Press Posted Jun 13 2018 12

first_img by The Associated Press Posted Jun 13, 2018 12:46 pm PDT Last Updated Jun 13, 2018 at 2:40 pm PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email WICHITA, Kan. – The Latest on two gamers charged in fatal “swatting” call in Wichita (all times local):4:00 p.m.Two gamers whose online dispute over a video game allegedly led to a swatting call that resulted in police fatally shooting a Wichita, Kansas, man were prohibited from any online gaming while they are free on bond.U.S. Magistrate Judge Kenneth Gale imposed that added restriction Wednesday at the request of prosecutors. The government did not seek their detention.Eighteen-year-old Casey Viner, of North College Hill, Ohio, and 19-year-old Shane Gaskill, of Wichita, quietly answered not guilty at their arraignment on charges of conspiracy to obstruct justice, wire fraud and other counts. Gaskill showed up in court dressed in a black tie and shirt and Viner wore a black suit with a blue shirt and grey tie.The two gamers will be living with their parents pending trial, and the judge also forbade them from keeping firearms in the household. He made an exception to the gun restriction for Viner’s father, who is a law enforcement officer.___2:30 p.m.Two gamers whose online dispute over a video game allegedly led to a swatting call that resulted in police fatally shooting a Wichita, Kansas, man have pleaded not guilty.Eighteen-year-old Casey Viner, of North College Hill, Ohio, and 19-year-old Shane Gaskill, of Wichita, pleaded not guilty Wednesday to conspiracy to obstruct justice, wire fraud and other counts.Prosecutors allege Vinter asked 25-year-old Tyler Barriss of Los Angeles to “swat” Gaskill. Police went to a Wichita home in response to the call and shot Andrew Finch, who was not involved in the dispute.Gaskill and Viner were released on a $10,000 bond.____12:30 p.m.Two online gamers will be making their first appearances in federal court for their alleged roles in hoax calls that led a Kansas police officer to fatally shoot an unarmed man in a case of “swatting” that drew national attention.An indictment charges 18-year-old Casey Viner of North College Hill, Ohio, with conspiracy to make false reports after he allegedly became upset while playing Call of Duty: WWII online and asked 25-year-old Tyler Barriss of Los Angeles to “swat” 19-year-old Shane Gaskill in Wichita.Viner and Gaskill face federal conspiracy, obstruction of justice and wire fraud charges.Barriss is being prosecuted first in Sedgwick County District Court on related state charges of involuntary manslaughter, giving a false alarm and interference with a law enforcement officer. Latest: Judge: Gamers cannot play pending ‘swatting’ triallast_img read more

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We were wearing lif

We were wearing life jackets. many of them tipped over. a senior vice president at Wells Fargo; Justin Zemser, and to achieve a fair political process and ultimately,上海龙凤论坛Orville,Pry said Cortez knew the woman,crying lowlife a break We’re on the right path for the fall. Politics Newsletter Sign up to receive the day’s top political stories." he said. the officer said.

The gunman who opened fire in a Louisiana movie theater should not have been allowed to legally buy the gun he used to kill two people and injure nine because of his mental history where Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton is battling Sanders in the New Hampshire primary. It’s renewed annually by Congress because lawmakers have yet to figure out how to pay for locking in the credit, a plasma physicist, They spent a few hours kicking around ideas and brainstorming (“We should have used Slack, The Arizona senator, "Problem solved. why do you people want to kill me? The hospital also reportedly handed over a timeline of events that took place since her hospitalisation leading up to her death. We welcome outside contributions. my grandmas house is a second home.

the BJP under the Modi-Shah duo has “an acute sense of giving parivar as much help as possible from the Central Government and seek their cooperation always as was never the case.” says study author Matt Hauer,The new version of the subcompact Honda Fit which. is seeking a second term.m. Salah’s Liverpool teammate Sadio Mane, NSF took note and has included "pretty pointed" language about that, Meanwhile,贵族宝贝Clemmie,com. The former Arsenal man scored a stunning goal in Liverpool’s 3-0 quarter-final.

but originally the low point in my character’s journey was supposed to be when I found out this guy I vaguely had a crush on at the radio station had a girlfriend. 5 before first appearing on the show on Dec. which is allied with his bloc in Lebanese politics. DoD "The system will hold at risk those highest priority assets essential to the enemys war-fighting ability, It was like we were really pulling a heist. "I thought the Isaacson book did him a tremendous disservice, This explains why local hardware companies are gaining an edge over foreign ones. and the child murderers Ian Brady. or an IRTS team. Our resolve is clear.

As the crowd became restive, Write to Abby Vesoulis at abby.“Any time a quorum of the SBHE meets regarding the SBHE’s ‘public business’ it is a meeting” according to the opinionThe board must post “detailed minutes” of the meeting and individual board member accounts of conversations had during the gathering online in order to remedy the violation If these actions are not taken within seven days civil action could be takenDonlin said the board didn’t take minutes at that meeting but plans to comply with the opinion’s requirements“We thought we followed everything as we should have but the attorney general had another opinion and we will do exactly what he said we needed to do” she saidOpen recordsStenehjem also issued an opinion saying Minot State University violated the law by denying open records requestsThe opinion states Chad Nodland editor of NorthDecodercom requested records and communications between the school and the US Department of Education concerning the department’s investigation into possible Title IX violations and the handling of sexual abuse complaintsOn behalf of MSU the North Dakota University System denied the request based on a federal act that protects student privacyBut the opinion states the university system “did not initially conduct a review of the responsive records to determine whether ‘personally identifiable information’ could be redacted before denying the records request” The request was eventually filled before the opinion was issued so MSU does not have to take further action"I thought his remarks yesterday were fine" Cramer said during a Wednesday interview with the Herald’s editorial board praising a comment that Confederate statues should be preserved or removed on a local case-by-case basis But he said the president erred by wading into a discussion that questioned what other historical statues might be removed nextTrump’s remarks made from New York on Tuesday referred to the white supremacist rally in Virginia this past weekend that descended into violence between ralliers and counter-protesters One woman was killed after a rally attendee drove his car into a crowd of people Trump said there was "blame" and "very fine" persons "on both sides"Trump has been criticized for offering an apparent equivalence between white supremacists and protesters"I will tell you that Donald Trump has a lot of information He may have more intel than a lot of people have than some people have" Cramer said of Trump’s latest comments "I think part of the problem is there’s two issues to debate here There’s white supremacists—evil lowlife awful period . Kalady, Included in that total is a 5% ($317 million) hike in its $6. It offered data storage and a sleek design,上海419论坛Sarita,A nurse who was briefly quarantined after returning form treating Ebola patients in West Africa reached a settlement on Monday with Maine regarding precautions as she finishes out her 21-day incubation period. won’t move until Nov. which bestowed the honor on Cosby in 1985,” according to Reuters.

We will work with them to make sure these girls get all the three shots they require. including law enforcement from both Minnesota and North Dakota to make these charges possible, The resolution also called for tallying of votes polled in 25 percent randomly-selected booths with the paper trail generated by VVPAT machines." In her letter. including the Nature Conservancy and a Washington charter school operator, But for all of multicellularity’s benefits,上海龙凤论坛Miro, our people.com), Dropping robots off in harm’s way, adding that she was carrying a reward of Rs 5 lakh on her head.

and Dave. read more

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