Morocco Only Safe North African Country French Foreign Ministry

New York – The Foreign Affairs Ministry of France ranks Morocco as the only safe country in North Africa for French citizens.According to the French Ministry’s “Centre de Crise et de Soutien” (Center of Crisis and Support) map on “Travel Advice,” which was recently updated following the suicide bombing that shook Istanbul on Tuesday, Morocco is the only recommended country for French nationals to visit south in the MENA region.French Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius, recommended French citizens traveling abroad to include Morocco in their destinations as its vigilance is considered “normal, according to the “Travel Advice” map published last December 21. The Quai d’Orsay, as the French Foreign Ministry is known for its location in Paris, said that out of 191 countries worldwide, only 40 are considered safe, including Morocco.“The political and security situation allows the organization of professional and tourist trips to Morocco, provided for vigilance, especially when traveling along the southern border with Algeria,” the ministry said in its official website last November.France’s “Travel Advice” map on North Africa ranked Morocco in the “green zone” as the only country with “normal vigilance.”Southern Algeria, Libya and regions in Egypt are in the “red zone” or “formally discouraged” to visit, the French Ministry’s map noted.Northern Algeria and parts of Egypt are in the “orange zone” or “not recommended unless you have a reason” to visit. The same map ranked Tunisia as a country of “enhanced vigilance.”According to the Quai d’Orsay, the most “formally discouraged” countries for French nationals are in the African continent as well war-torn countries in the Middle East, such as Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan.In November 2015, the British Foreign Office ranked Morocco as one of the “safest countries in the world,” recommended for British travelers.The same source said that Morocco’s risk for terrorism threats is lower than in some European countries, including France and Spain.